St. Luke’s Medical Center

Crosby, North Dakota

The addition of a 15,000 square foot, two-level clinic to the existing St. Luke’s Hospital in Crosby, North Dakota, has allowed them to provide more efficient health care, enabling shared services with the hospital.

The expansion added a new 8,500-square-foot clinic and a large lobby/waiting area which is shared with the hospital. The lower level contains a large education space and meeting rooms. A prominent canopy entrance was added, along with a new enclosed emergency entrance to the hospital.

In addition to the clinic expansion, the project included significant renovation of the existing 27,700-square-foot hospital, providing for a new emergency room, lab, and admitting areas, an expanded central nurse station, and upgraded spaces throughout the hospital. Demolition of the existing hospital included asbestos abatement. The work was phased to allow continuing operation of all areas during construction. Particular attention was given to access and safety for hospital staff and patients.

Construction started in September 2010; the new Clinic was completed and opened in August 2011, and renovation phases continued through December 2011. Careful phasing allowed for completion ten months ahead of schedule.


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