Tioga Medical Center Addition/Remodel

Tioga, North Dakota

This $8.2 million expansion added a 15,000 square foot clinic to the existing hospital facility, a new two-bay ambulance garage, helicopter pad, parking lots and site improvements. A portion of the existing facility was also remodeled.

Despite significant delays caused by utility company service relocations, contaminated soils, and delayed delivery of bar joists and steel deck, sufficient time was made up to bring the project completion back to the specified date.

Particular attention was given to access and safety for hospital staff and patients throughout construction. Construction of the project began in May 2014; the clinic addition opened in July 2015, and the hospital addition/remodel was completed in November of 2015.

According to the Tioga Tribune, the hospital has seen the number of patients it deals with grow four-fold since 2010. The expansion will help alleviate many current space issues.

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