Project Management

Shingobee’s project manager takes responsibility for all aspects of a building’s construction, from the planning and design phase through the closeout and occupancy. At Shingobee, our project management professional will manage the coordination between the owner, architect, engineers, and subcontractors throughout the project. Communication between all team members is vital to keeping the project on schedule and on budget, even if any unexpected issues arise. The project management process includes:

  • Development of realistic and complete budget
  • Subcontractor qualification, selection, and contract coordination
  • Establish and maintain schedules
  • Detailed cost control via monitoring of the approved budget, change management, and the payment application process
  • Timely coordination of shop drawing and materials submittals from subcontractors and suppliers
  • Meetings and communication throughout the entire process
  • Project close-out and commissioning
  • Post-occupancy evaluation

We will provide you with all the information you need to make informed decisions at every stage of the project. Our construction management team will provide the leadership and expertise to accomplish the vision and the goals for the new facilities.

Project Delivery Options

Shingobee offers several contracting options for construction services. Each has differing benefits and risks; we will work with you to select the best option for your circumstances.

As the general contractor on a project, we will take direct responsibility for all of the construction phase activities. We will secure all contracts through competitive bidding or a qualifications-based selection process. These contract types can be Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), Lump Sum, Negotiated GMP, and/or Cost Plus Fee basis.

This construction management contract allows Shingobee to act as the construction manager, holding all subcontracts in a similar manner as a general contractor. Shingobee will be the sole manager of all project subcontractors.

Benefits Include:

  • Shingobee (construction manager) works in partnership with the owner and architect
  • The Guaranteed Maximum Price is developed early on in the process

With this construction management contract, you (the owner), are at the center of the entire construction process, and Shingobee and the architect are your partners. We will help you manage and oversee the planning, design, bidding, contracting, and construction process.

Benefits Include:

  • An early estimate of predicted cost and schedule
  • Cost and schedule control throughout design and construction

With this construction contract option, Shingobee will provide the design team, creating one entity and one contract. Shingobee will coordinate the architectural and engineering services throughout the design/build process. We will be the center point for all communication between parties, assuming the role of the general contractor.

Benefits Include:

  • Single point of contact/responsibility
  • Early problem-solving participation by all parties
  • Shorter project delivery time
  • Integral coordination of design and construction considerations
  • Overall reduction of risk to the owner
  • Greater flexibility to make changes that add value to design and construction

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