This parking garage for the Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative in Williston, ND, is an example of recent new construction in the Bakken oil field area.


With the recent drop in oil prices, the word is out that production is slowing in the Bakken region of North Dakota. “Slowing” is a relative term in North Dakota – business activity has become a more normal level, but has by no means slowed to a stop. recently provided a news story featuring Shingobee and several other Minnesota companies that are continuing to work in the oil region of North Dakota. Business continues at an active level, and is expected to increase again when oil prices recover in the future.


Shingobee has been providing construction of many types of commercial buildings in North Dakota for several years, including medical centers, apartments, and a just-started fire station in Williston. When the Minnesota economy and construction activity took a downturn in 2008-09, Shingobee turned to work in North Dakota. We continue to work in the area, though it is now a smaller percentage of our total construction volume.


According to the article:

“Experts say that Minnesota companies should continue to look west, even in the current oil slow-down, as North Dakota remains the country’s second most productive oil producer.”

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